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Sewage overflow and flooding should be treated without any delay.  We understand how distressing this experience can be, so we recommend not to apply any DIY solutions without protective gears. It is a risky task and should be done by experts. Our Sewage Cleaning Adelaide crew of trained and experienced cleaners will ensure that you do not have any sewage-related issues.

We restore all kinds of sewage overflow issues, including sewage pipe leaks, toilet backflow and clogged drains. We have industry-grade equipment to do these very quickly. For the best experience, call Sigma Flood Restoration Adelaide professionals.

How sewage spills happen-

Sewage backflow or flooding can happen due to numerous reasons, blockage in the sewage pipe being the most common reason of all. Blockages cause raw sewage to back up & flood out of the drain pipes or even through toilets into the house, office, or roads.

Another reason can be a pipe, septic tanks or sewage plants leakages/overflow. Due to excessive rainfall, the sewers become full and flood out the water through manholes. Do not take the risk; hire professional sewage cleanup services in Adelaide. At Sigma Flood Restoration Adelaide, we have protective gears and equipment to deal with this situation professionally.

Process of Sewage Cleaning

Sewage spills are common in Adelaide. At Sigma Flood Restoration Adelaide, our professionals are well equipped with the necessary tools and resources to provide the best sewage cleaning in Adelaide.

First, our team inspects and assesses the area properly and understands the severity of the damage. We can give you an estimate of the costs only after the inspection. We use tools to analyze the moisture and contaminated water.

Now our experts set a plan of action for restoration and offer a quote for our service with timeframe, restoration outline and assessment details. It also helps in your insurance claims.

We use protective gear, gloves, masks during the restoration process. It is not a DIY solution; it is the professionals’ task. Our certified and trained professionals do this task and protect your property.

We start the sewage restoration services by extracting water from the affected area. Our team of experts use water extractors, pumps to remove the contaminated water. We use blowers and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture and dampness. It takes some time to remove complete water and make the area dry.

After the initial water extraction, we again check the moisture and take the required steps to reduce it. We spray eco-friendly antimicrobial solutions to clean and sanitise the area. It also helps to prevent mould growth and wood rot.

Lastly, we monitor the area carefully and complete the restoration process.

A final report of water restoration services is then filled to help you with insurance claims.

To dos before our technicians arrive-

  1. Do not step in the area where sewage spill has occurred until our team has arrived, at least not without safety gear.
  2. Switch off the electricity switches in order to avoid electrocution
  3. If the sewage spill is because of a water tank burst, turn off the water supply.
  4. Open all doors and windows for better air ventilation, this helps reduction in humidity in the contaminated area thereby slowing the bacteria growth
  5. Do not move any exposed object to a clean space this will only affect the clean area and spread toxins from the sewage backflow everywhere.
  6. Do not try to clean the mess with vacuum or regular disinfectants, avail professional help for sewage cleaning services in Adelaide.
  7. Immediately notify the insurance company about the sewage overflow in your home, building or in your area.

How We Handle Sewage Water Cleaning & Sewage Restoration Services

At Sigma Flood Restoration Adelaide, we use all the advanced tools and certified materials to safely dry out your carpets and floor.

We inspect the flood-damaged area and conditions of the carpets to implement the best solutions for our sewage restoration services.

First, we extract the water from the flooded area; then, we use dehumidifiers and blowers to dry the floor and carpets. We also sanitize it properly to ensure hygiene and safety. We try to restore the carpets to their original states.

Indeed, black water is more harmful to your family. It contains viruses and bacteria. Please do not apply any DIY solutions and call sewage cleaning Adelaide professionals to prevent health hazards and mould growth.

If you fail to restore the area within 24 hours, then it may lead to the growth of bacteria, moulds and viruses, which makes the process complex.

Our professionals are properly trained to implement these restoration techniques. We use industry-grade tools and technologies to make this cleaning and restoration process safe and quick.

Whether it is black, grey or white water, Sigma Flood Restoration Adelaide professionals are always a phone call away to guide you about the procedure and make your place hygienic and safe.

Why us?

24/7 Emergency Service

We understand your situation, so we are ready to serve you with our water damage restoration services. At Sigma Flood Restoration Adelaide, our professionals are always ready to reach your location within an hour of booking our services. We are available 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

IICRC Accredited 

We do not believe in home remedies and DIY solutions. We understand the risk associated with these tasks. Our professionals are properly trained and certified to implement these actions. Experts are accredited by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) and provide the best emergency sewage cleanup and carpets clearing solutions in Adelaide. We follow all the guidelines and wear protective gear to ensure the best outcome.

Our Clientele

We have built a loyal customer base with our hard work, honesty, and unfailing services. We have provided support to a wide range of residential and commercial customers, including private landlords, sports centres, retail shop owners, utility companies. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and provide the best result in Australia. With the blessing of our customers, we have built trust and authority in Adelaide.

If you need emergency reinforcement, please do not hesitate to call us for water extraction, carpets and sewage cleaning services.

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